Moorfield Estate Agents in Redfield, Bristol

Selling your property quickly is the best way to get the most money – and we’re talking £1,940 more!

According to the The Home Owners Alliance and published in the Daily Mirror “There is an optimum time to have your property on the market, and we can now show that is 12 days.”

“Properties sold quicker than this don’t achieve their full value because they are sold too quickly. At the other end of the scale, properties which are listed for a number of weeks see their values drop steadily, particularly after they have been listed for over a month.”

Based on average property prices across the UK (£218,000), a 12 day sale will net the owner and additional £1,940 on top of their asking price.

“Moorfield Estate Agents in Redfield, Bristol was one of the agents with 12 day selling record, and netted its clients an average of £8,360 over their original asking price”